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Thursday 24 November 2016

Aegidius Sadeler’s engraving (with etching) of the stigmatization of Saint Francis, after a drawing by Jan Breughel

(upper image) Aegidius Sadeler II (aka Gillis Sadeler; Egidius Sadeler; Ægedius Saedler) (c.1570–1629)

(lower image) unidentified copyist after Aegidius Sadeler II. This print is referenced in The Illustrated Bartsch (1998, vol. 72, Part 2 [Sup.], p. 13) as a copy in reverse (see 7201.219C3).

“Rocky Landscape with the Stigmatization of Saint Francis”, c.1595–c.1620 after a drawing by Jan Breughel the Elder (1568-1625) (Note: I have altered the date “1590” offered by the British Museum to “c.1595” as Breughel’s drawing on which this print is based was executed in c.1595, consequently, the earlier date must be an oversight.)

Both impressions: etching and engraving on fine laid paper lined on a conservator’s support sheet.
Size: (Sadeler sheet) 21.2 x 28 cm: (copy in reverse) 20.5 x 27.3 cm
Inscription on the Sadeler print: (lower left) “Iohan Breugel inve[nt] E.G. Sadler scalp.”; (lower right margin) “Marco Sadeler excudit”
Inscription in copy in reverse: (lower right) “Br. Inve”

Bartsch 7201.219S2 and 7201.219C3 (1998, vol. 72, Part 2 [Sup.], pp. 12–13); Nagler 1835–52, no. 221; Le Blanc, no. 197; Wurzbach, no. 103; Winner 1972, p. 125; Hollstein 1980, vol. 21, no. 212.
Note: The British Museum does not hold a copy of the Sadeler print, but it does have an impression of the copy in reverse; see

Condition: the Sadeler impression (state ii of ii) is slightly silvery compared to the copy in reverse with is a richly inked and strong impression. Both impressions are laid on conservator’s support sheets. The Sadeler is in perfect condition (i.e. there are no tears, holes, abrasions, holes, folds or foxing). The copy in reverse as a small restoration at the lower left corner, restoration at the upper right corner and a small loss/tear at the lower right corner.

I am selling this exceptionally rare pair of prints—the British Museum, for instance, does not have a copy of the Sadeler in its vast collection—for a total cost of AU$410 (currently US$303.08/EUR286.75/GBP243.21 at the time of this listing) including postage and handling to anywhere in the world.
If you wish to purchase this almost luminous pair of prints from the late 16th century, please contact me ( and I will send you a PayPal invoice to make the payment easy.

These prints have been sold

What is fascinating about this pair of prints—one by Aegidius Sadeler II and the other by an unidentified copyist after Sadeler’s print—is to see how each artist attends to the rendering of details. For me, what is especially revealing is that Aegidius Sadeler’s copy of Jan Breughel’s drawing—now in the British Museum (see 1946,0713.147)—loses in the comparison contest in terms of how contour strokes represent the form of rocks. Of course, the copyist’s print also matches the original drawing’s orientation. This is an interesting outcome, because the copyist’s print shows an image that has been mirror-reversed twice to end up with the “correct” orientation.

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