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Thursday 3 October 2019

Jan Collaert II's engraving, “Hunting Panthers Using Human Excrements”, c1596

Jan Collaert II (aka Hans Collaert, Jan Baptist I Collaert) (c1561–1620)

“Hunting Panthers Using Human Excrements”, c1596, Plate 15 from the second series of 104 plates, “Venationes Ferarum, Avium, Piscium”, after Jan van der Straet (aka Joannes Stradanus; Johannes Stradanus; Jan van der Straeten; Giovanni della Strada; Giovanni Statenensis; Giovanni Stradano) (1523–1605), with Latin verses by the Flemish writer, Cornelis Kiliaan (1528–1607), initially published by Philips Galle (aka Philippe Galle; Philippus Gallaeus) (1537–1612) in Antwerp and later by Joannes Galle (1600–1676) in the 1634 edition. This impression is from a later edition printed on chine collé China paper after the 1634 edition; see title page and discussion of the 1634 edition offered by the British Museum:
(Note that Antonio Tempesta (1555?–1630) made an etching of the same subject published by Giovanni Orlandi (fl.1590–1640) in 1602 in Rome (see BM no. X,3.362).

Engraving on chine collé on laid paper.
Size: (sheet) 26.2 x 36.1 cm; (plate) 19.7 x 26.5 cm; (image borderline) 18.1 x 26.1 cm.

Inscribed on plate within the image borderline: (lower right corner) “Ioan. Stradanus inuent. Ioan. Collaert Sculp. Ioan Galle excud.”
Numbered and lettered on plate below the image borderline in two lines of Latin verses in two columns: (from lower left) “15. Excrementa hominum Panthera auido appetit ore:/ Altiùs in vase hæc quàm vt saltu attingere possit,// Pastores pendent: languens saltu illa frequenti,/ Concidit: insigni Spoliatur mortua pelle." ([transl.] “Panther untainted human excrement tends voice: / this deep in a forest, then that could be attained, // fed depend on the forest is unhealthy frequent / ruined, dead skin is stripped remarkable."

State IV (of IV) with the change of the publisher from “Phls Galle excud.” to “Ioan Galle excud.”

New Hollstein (Dutch & Flemish) 1505.IV (The Collaert Dynasty); New Hollstein (Dutch & Flemish) 473.IV (Johannes Stradanus); Baroni Vannucci 1997 693.15 (Alessandra Baroni Vannucci 1997, “Jan van der Straet, detto Giovanni Stradano, flandrus pictor et inventor”, Milan, Jandi Sapi Editori).

The British Museum offers the following description of this print (state iii):
“Plate 15, Hunting Panthers Using Human Excrements; to left, panthers are lured into a trap by two pots of human excrement suspended from the branches of a tree, out of reach; to right, huntsmen, carrying spears, conceal themselves amongst the trees Engraving”

Regarding other plates in this series, see Alessandra Baroni & Manfred Sellink 2012, “Stradanus 1523–1605: Court Artist of the Medici", Groeningemuseum Brugge 2008-2009, Turnhout, Brepols Publishers, pp.245–58, cat. nos. 32-49.

Condition: well-printed impression with generous margins in excellent condition (i.e. there are no tears, holes, folds, abrasions, stains or foxing).

I am selling this bizarre and (for me) strangely unsettling hunting scene of leopards being enticed by suspended bags of human excrement, for the total cost of AU$286 (currently US$192.24/EUR175.50/GBP155.71 at the time of posting this listing) including postage and handling to anywhere in the world (but not, of course, any import duties/taxes imposed by some countries).

If you are interested in purchasing this early engraving created fifty-five years after Michelangelo finished work on the Sistine Chapel, please contact me ( and I will send you a PayPal invoice to make the payment easy.

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