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Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich’s etching, “The River Between High Rocky Banks”, 1744 (2nd copy)

Adolphe Appian’s etching with drypoint, “Bords d'un Canal”, c1877

Boëtius Adamsz. Bolswert’s engraving, “Horses”, 1611, after Abraham Bloemaert

Alfred Louis Brunet-Debaines’ etching, "Magdalen College from the Meadows", 1879

Karl Mediz’s lithograph, “Portrait of Robert Diez”, 1896

Rodolphe Piguet’s drypoint, “Young Woman with Muff”, 1885

Nicolas Beatrizet’s engraving, “St. Elizabeth of Hungary Visiting the Sick”, c1550

Auguste Lepère’s drypoint, “In the Flooded Marsh: The Shepherd”, 1892 (pub. 1911)

Leonhard Beck’s woodcut, “St. Amalberga III”, 1510, after Hans Burgkmair the Elder

Charles Émile Jacque’s etching, “Herd of Pigs Coming Out of a Wood”, 1849 (2nd copy)

Johann Wilhelm Baur’s etching, “Proserpina and Ascalaphus”, 1641

Felix Meyer’s etching, “Riverscape with Three Travellers”, 1675

Comte de Caylus & Nicolas Le Sueur’s “St Philippe de Nery”, c1729/64, at Luigi Garzi

Lucien Marcelin Gautier’s etching, “Rue Galande à Paris”, 1881

Woodblock printed manuscript leaf from the Odisha region, 1700s

Louis Meunier’s etching, “View of Granada, the Alhambra and the Tour-Vermeille”, c1660

Nicolaes Berchem’s etching, “Pissing Ewe and a Sheep”, c1650

Giuseppe Camerata II’s engraving, “Half-Length Figure with a Beard”, c1754, after Dietricy

Frédéric Jacque’s etching, “La Ferme de Barbizon (La Nuit)”

Pietro Fontana’s engraving, “Venus et Adonis”, 1803, after Giovanni Francesco Romanelli

Francesco Bartolozzi, “Mary with Child, Angels and Three Saints”, 1746, after Antonio Balestra

Charles Jacque’s etching, “Lisière du Bois”, 1846/50

Valentin Lefebre’s etching, “Landscape with Sleeping Shepherd”, 1677, after Titian (2nd impression)

Jean Léon Gérôme, “Le Fumeur Égyptien”, c1865 (2nd impression)

Domenico Montagù’s engraving, “Du Forum de Nerva”, 1761, after Jean Barbault

Andrew Fairbairn Affleck’s etching, “Une Liseuse Hollandaise”, 1907

Félix Bracquemond’s etching, “Lantara”, 1857, after Joseph Vernet

Jean Jacques de Boissieu’s etching, “Les Petits Charlatans”, 1773

"L. V.” (entourage of Charles Jacque), “Intérieur de Cuisine”, 1844

Adolphe Appian’s etching, “Cabanes de Pêcheurs sur les Côtes d'Italie”, 1876

Félix Bracquemond’s drypoint, “Portrait de Femme”, 1867, after Ingres

Antonius Wierix II’s engraving, “Samson Carries the Gates of Gaza”, c1585

Jacob Houbraken’s etching & engraving, “Portrait of Charles Fleetwood”, 1740

Charles Jacque’s etching, “Première Leçon d'Équitation”, 1864

Käthe Kollwitz’s etching, “Woman with Folded Arms”, 1898

John Park’s etching, “Shields Harbour (Evening)”, 1879

Matthäus Merian I’s engraving, “The Battle of Rain am Lech”, 1632

Wallerant Vaillant’s mezzotint, “Christ Triumphant”, c1668

Circle of Jan Sadeler I’s engraving, “Sea Creatures”, c1600

Wenceslaus Hollar’s etching, “Dance of Cherubs in the Country”, 1646, after Peeter van Avont

Daniel Charles Marie Mordant’s engraving, “L'Espérance”, 1897, after George Frederic Watts

John McLure Hamilton’s colour lithograph, “Portrait of the Right Honourable William Ewart Gladstone”, 1898

Henri de Grandmaison’s etching, “They Slay, Die and Laugh”, c1871

Jules Laurens’ lithograph, “A Twilight Landscape”, 1855, after Victor Hugo

Unidentified 16thcentury printmaker’s woodcut, “Asian Camel”, c1575

Imao Keinen’s diptych woodblock print, “Taiwan Rosa, Oriental Turtle Dove”, 1891

After Konrad Gesner’s woodcut, “Caspian Sea Whale”, 1684

Charles Joshua Chaplin’s etching, “Novembre”, 1856

Karel Dujardin’s etching, “Frontispiece: The Fountain”, 1652

Charles Eugène Delacommune’s charcoal drawing, “Orsay, Vallée de Chevreuse”, 1884

Karel Dujardin’s etching, “Frontispiece: The Fountain”, 1652

Stefano della Bella’s etching, “Dancing Satyrs”, c1645

Eugène Gaujean’s engraving, “Portrait du Sénateur Muffel de Nuremberg”, 1883, after Albrecht Dürer

William Lee-Hankey’s drypoint, "The Fish Wife”, c1915

Kono Bairei’s woodblock diptychs, “Mynah Bird” & “Goering's Cymbidium and Silver Pheasants”, 1881

Karel Dujardin’s etching, “Two Sheep and a Goat”, 1652

Philip James de Loutherbourg's etching, “Tranquillité Champêtre”, c1767

Georg Andreas Wolfgang’s engraving with etching, “The Wild Boar Hunt”, c1660

Two sections of Gremeret et Pacaud Dessins’ gouache design, “Floral Motifs”, 1940

Karel Dujardin’s etching, “Two Horses and a Plough”, 1657

Xavier de Dananche’s etching, “Wooded stream with seated figure in moonlight”, c1867

François Courboin’s etching with aquatint, “Honoré de Balzac”, 1891, after Eugène Giraud

Benigno Bossi’s etchings: “Portrait of a Man Facing Right”, 1773; “Portrait of a Young Girl Wearing a Scarf”, 1783

John Sell Cotman’s soft ground etching, “Conway Castle. N. Wales”, 1838

Salvator Rosa’s etching, “Man Standing with Arm Raised Pointing Toward the Left”, c1655

Peter Halm’s etching with engraving, “Donor Portrait: Joost Vijdt”, c1900, after Van Eyck

Edouard Levy Montefiore’s etching, “Rue dans une Ville, au Japon”, c1872

Salvatore Castiglione’s etching, “Head of an Old Man with Beard”, 1645–1650

Claude Lorrain’s etching, “Harbour with Large Tower”, 1641

Bernard-Romain Julien’s crayon-manner lithograph, “Etude au Crayon Blanc No 29”, c1845

Adrien Manglard’s etchings, “Le Soleil Couchant” & “Shipwreck in a Tempest”, 1753

Lorenzo Loli’s etching, “Coat of Arms of Guasta Vilani”, c1645, after Giovanni Andrea Sirani

Louis Haghe’s tinted lithograph, “Temple of Dakke, in Nubia”, c1846, after David Roberts

Marcus Gheeraerts I’s etching, “t'Peert ende hert”, c1567

Gabriel/Nicolas/Adam Perelle’s circular etching, “Plate 6”, c1660

Engraving by an unidentified artist from the circle of Jan Sadeler I, “Saint Antiochus”, c1610

Carte-de-visite albumen photographs of Sir John Everett Millais & William Holman Hunt, c1875

Karl Audran’s engraving, “Allegory of the birth of Maffeo Barberini, later Pope Urban VIII”, c1630, after Andrea Sacchi

(Baron) Dominique Vivant Denon’s etching, “The Assassination of St Peter Martyr”, c1790, after Titian

Tancrède Abraham’s etching, "La Chasse au Marais", 1863

Unidentified engraver from the circle of Cherubino Alberti and Aegidius Sadeler II, “Vase No. 6”, after Polidoro da Caravaggio

Jan Sadeler I’s engraving, “Saint Or”, 1585, after Maarten de Vos

Jonas Suyderhoef’s engraving, “Claudius de Salmasia”, 1641, after Nicolaes Van Negre

Boëtius Adamsz. Bolswert’s engravings, “Sancta Marcella” & “Sancta Sylvia,” c1600

Valentin Lefebre’s etching, “Janus and Juno”, 1682, after Battista Zelotti

Johann Theodor de Bry’s engravings, “Weapon Templates”, c.1590

Richard van Orley II’s etching, “Resurrection of Lazarus”, c.1685

Conrad Felixmüller's woodcut, “Self-Portrait with a Drawing Pen”, 1927

Johannes Visscher's etching, “Sleeping Shepherd and Shepherdess by a Tree”, c.1675, after Nicolaes Berchem

Seven alphabet woodcuts designed by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1522

Francesco Bartolozzi's stipple engraving, “Thomas Strange, Knight”, after Hans Holbein

Giovanni Battista Piranesi's etching, “Candelabrum Base in the Palazzo Lante in St. Eustachian”, 1778


Conrad Martin Metz's etching and aquatint, “The Adoration of the Shepherds”, 1789, after Parmigianino

Jacob Houbraken's engraving, “Portrait of Jan Kuiper, aged 107”, c.1745