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Tuesday 8 August 2017

Albert Flamen’s etching, “View of Fauxbourg St. Leonard”, c1660

Albert Flamen (aka Albert Flamand; Albert Flaman; Aellert Flamen; Bartolet) (1620–92)
“View of Fauxbourg St. Leonard” (aka “Veue du Fauxbourg St. Leonard. A Corbeil”), c1660, from the series, “Different Views in the Vicinity of Paris (aka “Veue de diuerses paisage au naturel d’alentour de Paris.”)

Etching on laid paper trimmed to the image borderline (with the title and publication details removed) and slightly within the borderline on the left side.
Size: (sheet) 8.7 x 16.8 cm
State ii (of ii)

TIB (1986) 6 (Commentary) .539 S2 (p. 404); Robert-Dumesnil (1835) .503/.539 (Note: TIB has a discrepancy in the concordance between the R-D number for this print shown on page 402 [vol. 6: Commentary] and R-D number shown on page 458).

See also the description of this print at Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco:
For excellent information about Flamen and the prints that he made in this series, see Corpus Artistique Étampois:

Condition: crisp and richly inked impression, trimmed to image borderline—slightly within the borderline on the left side—and laid onto a conservator’s support sheet of washi paper.

I am selling this rare etching by Flamen for AU$128 (currently US$101.61/EUR85.99/GBP78.00 at the time of this listing) including postage and handling to anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in purchasing this superb 17th century landscape capturing a grand vision with breadth and space, please contact me ( and I will send you a PayPal invoice to make the payment easy.

This print has been sold

Not very much is known about Flamen and even where he was born and the dates of his birth and death are based on conjecture rather than irrefutable documentary evidence.

For instance, the famous printmaker and publisher, Pierre-François Basan (1723–97), was the first to propose that Flamen was born in Bruges. Sadly his proposal was not backed up with any evidence apart from Flamen’s surname seeming to be “right” for someone living in Bruges. With similar ease, Basan determined that the date of Flamen’s birth would be 1564.

Based on the circumstantial information including the dates of Flamen’s activity as a printmaker— interestingly, Flamen did not make prints after 1669—academics now believe that 1620 is more likely to be his birthdate and his death is now proposed to be 1692.

Even these details are a tad hazy as the main source of biographical details about Flamen is based upon GK Nagler’s proposition in “Kunstler-Lexicon” (see vol. 5, p. 25) that the artist responsible is “a certain A. Flamand, a draughtsman and painter of landscapes who worked for the manufactury [sic] of gobelns in c.1650 may be identical with Albert Flamen” (TIB, vol. 6 [Commentary], p. 209).

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